Possible Message Processes

Changed configuration format. Keys starting from: 'message.related.process' are no longer in use.

Parameter type phone

Improved editor. Flexible quantity of numbers, easy add and delete items, paste from clipboard.

15038 phone editor after


15038 phone editor before

Not more needed configuration block.

15038 not needed more config
Define the new number format configuration.


Removed deprecated AJAX

JS code was completely cleaned up from deprecated synchronous AJAX calls.

Unified CDN paths

URLs, used for downloading product updates, brought to similar forms. The old addresses are kept for backward compatibility.

Many names in our Release Strategy were revised and unified. The Pre-Stable release is now clearly marked in UI.

15058 pre stable mark

Parameter type treecount

A new parameter type, storing hierarchical organized item with decimal amounts.

15052 treecount editor
15052 treecount table

Parameter configuration.

Process Type Properties

Statuses selected using UI elements.

14741 type status after

Instead of previously error-prone text fields selection.

14741 type status before


Same size for editor opening links with a prepending text.

15013 links after


15013 links before

Set list param values in DefaultMarkedProcessor.

15039 set list param

Same set of OK, Cancel, Save and Restore used for all editors with large text configuration.

14797 unified buttons

Not UI related enhancements:

  • Re-install SQL stored procedures each time to prevent them being lost on restoring databases from backups;

  • Show only WARN messages in bgerp.warn.log.

Plugin DBA

Added DB cleanup queries.

Plugin BGBilling

Retrieving phone parameter for billing versions since 9.2401.


Demo Zones

Significantly extended demo areas with interface guidelines.

15028 demo zones

Tag <ui:combo-perm-tree-check>

14777 combo perm tree check test

Database Connections Trace

For investigation of not closed DB connections in custom code.

15013 db trace