Strict Config Check of Process Queues

Some of your queues can disappear with the following error in logs:

Not found media queue column with ID:

This means that in keys were used not existing column IDs.

There are old and new version of Related Processes representation.

15020 linked processes before
15020 linked processes new

Each Category (Linked (Parent) Made Processes and Link (Child) Depend Processes on the previous screenshot) has to be configured in each process type to be shown.

Previously used configuration keys with prefixes linked.available. and link.available. can be moved to configurations' end with prepending comment and later removed.

15020 linked processes config comment

Dynamic to Custom

Old Dynamic code is no longer supported and must be moved to Custom. For that move your Java code from ru.bgcrm.dyn to org.bgerp.custom package, and custom JSPs to custom/webapps.

External HTTP Requests

Replace to calls.


You need to adjust your custom Java code.

Moved classes:

  • ru.bgcrm.util.ParameterMap to

  • ru.bgcrm.util.Setup to

Scheduled tasks have to extend class

Column values concatenation in Process Queues

The functionality was removed.


Search Processes by Parameters

Filter by 'text' parameter in process search.

14747 search process

File Uploads

Multiple files upload at once. Upload message attachments using mouse Drag & Drop.

8517 message attachments

Limited size of uploaded files.

Scheduler Config

Separated tool with configured Scheduler tasks, with possibility to run them.

14986 scheduler

Short Class Names in Configurations

In different configurations, like for Scheduler, or Message Types, class names should be defined used only name without packages. Outdated configuration records are reported in WARN log.

Plugin BGBilling

HelpDesk testing configuration key topicId.

Cloning Processes

14847 process clone

Plugin Invoice

Time reversed order of invoice table.

15006 invoice list

Invoices for month ranges, suggestion of the next invoice range and type based on the last one.

15006 invoice create form continue
15020 report invoice register

Numeration macros date_to

Plugin EMail

Notification mail about paid invoices.

15006 paid invoice mail

Plugin Subscription

Update and send by email license on paid invoice event.

15006 license mail

Payments report supports invoices for multiple months.

15020 report subscription payments

Plugin SLA

A new plugin, providing colored representation of SLA times.

14988 sla

Plugin SMS

Additionally to default configuration can be defined multiple messaging providers.


Blocked change update when app state error.

14996 app update

Error message on tab load failure.

8517 tab ajax error

Changed the global menu icon.

15022 menu icon

Read / Unread filter in message queue. Create Note message types as unread.

15017 read messages filter

Hide protocol for 'text' parameters, shown as link.

14966 link hide proto
14966 link hide proto edit

Icon of the actual state breaking long lines in messages.

8517 message line breaks