Install the update two times, as the installer behaves wrongly prior to 1390 version. Once make a normal update and after force.

Dynamic Custom

Custom Java code can be updated and applied on-the-fly without application’s restart.

As the Custom code now eliminated the last advantage of Dynamic Code, all the solutions must be moved from it to Custom.


In configuration:

  • can be additionally defined day of month and months for running;

  • class name can be optionally defined without package.

Administration tool, presenting currently configured tasks, latest execution info and warning about not running scheduler.



Outdated application version.

14957 update notification

License check error with link to the license status.

14966 lic error

Show notification about empty license was loaded.

Modern style HTML page titles

Pipe symbol separated.

14983 auth title


Execution in parallel threads all of searches during message processing.

Confirmation of empty message subject.

14951 subject check

Check of missing message attachment, mentioned in text.

14951 attach check


Show crosses out not available link process creation items.

14935 process process link

Process queue filter for param type 'money'.

14941 money filter

Other Changes in Kernel

  • English as the default UI language.

  • Updated MySQL and JDK versions in Docker image.

  • Temporary directory 'tmp' in the application’s directory.

  • Localized month names.

  • Java libraries update.

  • JS code cleanup.

  • JSP code cleanup.

  • Archived values for parameter type 'tree'.

Plugin BGBilling

Popup menu to close / finish Inet session.

14946 bgbilling reset inet session
14946 bgbilling terminate inet session

Address search logic as in BGBillingClient.

Plugin Blow

Restriction of boards' visibility based on allowed process queues.

Plugin EMail

Separated TO and CC recipient fields in message editor, automatically filled on reply.

14951 email replay all
  • Do not add 'Re:' prefix to reply message subjects.

  • JEXL bean for sending messages.

Plugin Invoice

Extra attributes in RU invoices.

14948 invoice ru ru

EUR invoice template.

14949 invoice eu en

Show invoice payment users.

14953 invoice payment user
14953 report register

Plugin Subscription