Plugin Log (New)

A plugin with extracted previously kernel functionality Action Logs.

The new plugin uses completely different DB tables, therefore the logging will start again.

Plugin Team (New)

A plugin with functionality of sharing money after parties.

party calc

Plugin DBA

Show DB status. Cleanup old and inconsistent data.


Simple SQL query runner.

sql query

Plugin E-Mail

Built-in process change notifications.

Optional mark new process messages read with '' property for Message Type configuration.

Access Logs

Renamed, moved to log/access directory and available via UI in Administration / App / App Status.

access logs

Swap Process Executors

executor swap

Select / Deselect / Invert Selection / Delete Selected in Messages Queue

message queue

Mark Messages (Un)read

Decoration with bold font, button for marking read, menu item for unread.

message read

Correct Permissions

You may notice such warnings in application logs.

06-27/19:24:51  WARN [http-nio-9088-exec-1] PermissionNode - Not found action node 'ru.bgcrm.struts.action.admin.WorkAction:shiftList', run 'org.bgerp.scheduler.task.CorrectPermissions' class to fix
06-27/19:24:51  WARN [http-nio-9088-exec-1] PermissionNode - Not found action node 'ru.bgcrm.struts.action.admin.WorkAction:callboardAvailableShift', run 'org.bgerp.scheduler.task.CorrectPermissions' class to fix

They mean that not primary action IDs were used to store in DB. Nothing critical, but later execute the mentioned class org.bgerp.scheduler.task.CorrectPermissions to fix it.

That action breaks backward compatibility of DB, so do only when you do not need to roll back.

Static Action Check

Validation of existence action classes and methods. Log warnings when action method from action.xml file not found in class or has wrong signature.