Required Java 17 for running the application

Check your version and update if needed.

Enabled License Check

Obtain the suitable license and put it in the application' directory.

Default single editor for listcount params

Set property multiple=1 in configuration of existing listcount parameters with multiple values.
listcount editor single

Redesign of Linked Processes Tab

Removed process type configuration options: '', '' and ''.
Removed 'allowProcessLinkDelete' permission option, for enabling process link deletion there is a separated action in tree available.
linked process tab
  • Pagination for parent relations.

  • Adding relation to parent processes.

  • Configurable available processes for added links.

Syntax Highlighting Config Editors

Introduced for the rest of existing editors.

img permission sets
img groups of users
img users

User Profile Reset Personalizations

profile own personalization

Infrastructure and Kernel


  • Java 17 support in sources.

  • Java 11 support in JSP pages.

  • Massive update of Java libraries.


  • Gradle-only build process, no more Ant is used.

  • Gradle version 7.6


  • <!DOCTYPE html> in HTML pages.

  • Actualized normalize.css.


  • Log warning "Not primary action name '{}' was used for checking of '{}'" for detecting usages of old action names.

  • Replace dontCheckPermission=1 configuration key to user.permission.check=0.

  • Explicit 'UTF-8' encoding for log files.

  • Systemd unit failed start after update from UI.

  • Cleaning up work directory on server start.


Single selection tree UI element.

ui single selection tree

New notifications and warnings.

ui message 1
ui message 2

Code Cleaning-Up and Fixes

  • Replace JSP includes to tags.

  • Replace JSP functions to dot notation calls.

  • Using modern AJAX calls.

Plugin BGBilling

Поддержка версий 9.2x.

  • Многочисленные улучшения в карточке договора и исправления.

  • Удалена поддержка плагина CRM биллинга.

  • Очищен код для "Единых договоров".

Plugin Document

Configuration for Demo DB.

Plugin Callboard

Show groups and users when setting slot in process.

process set time

Plugin EMail

Deletion messages in process.

Plugin Report

Compact Pie chart with more colors



pie old

Compact X-legend for Bar chart



bar old

Plugin Mobile

Configuration for Demo DB.

Plugin Subscription

Handle in report a consultant as a different from report generator person.

Plugin Telegram

Better support for Markdown in messages.