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The BGERP software is an fast and flexible CRM / ERP / Project Management system, initially developed for Telecommunication operators in ~ 2011 year. From beginning we were extremely focused on performance and flexibility and after years of work and experiments got a quite popular solution in Russia. Our biggest clients run databases with tens millions of processes and millions of customers, all the solutions have validated by time.

So the product was initially adopted for large enterprises and contains feature-reach permission and user access control model. But in same time the program is very easy to install and maintain, has only Java and MySQL Server as dependencies and may be running in few minutes at any Linux machine. Without any Cloud Service lock all the data are completely controlled by owner, such freedom may be given only by Open Software. In parallel, we had to solve the problem of organizing Software Development and Support. And found, that our own program of Process Management fits for this perfect as well.

The current functionality:

  • Generic Business Process Management, Planning and Support process for Software Development, Telecommunication and other branches;
  • E-Mail tracking same as multi-channel messaging using: Slack, Telegram, PhpBB Forum, Asterisk PBX, Android App;
  • Parameterized customers, users, organization structure, process types, permissions;
  • Many extension points: JEXL / JSP / Java for customization, REST API / DB structure description - for external integration, and modular architecture for writing new plugins;
  • One-click update using Web interface with backup.

Our next goals:

  • Personal and family planning tool inspired by GTD principles;
  • The new way of work with E-Mail, integrated with project management;
  • Calendars and Contacts from Google or other source;
  • GitHub, GitLab and other development platforms.



Sources of bgerp.org and bgerp.ru were published on GitHub. So the content of those may be modified using normal GIT workflow.


Added "Gallery" section.


English version of the site.


Get/receive news notifications and get engaged into discussions via our Telegram channel. Detailed discussions are on separated groups. Currently a lot of communication is conducted in Russian (as we have a large Customer base in Russian speaking countries), but we are happy to also support English and German.

All internal project's processes system are described in the Blow plan of development. This plan shows states of processes and the their distribution over developers, and provides URLs to detailed discussions groups. Such groups if exist, are marked with '@' prefix.

Since 2015 we have successfully switched to Continuous Delivery development model. This means that releases are published periodically from the master branch after appropriate testing and acceptance process has been performed for a specific branch. Get more details about development process here.


Use our Demo Server in order to get a look and feel of our ERP system. This server is updated once in every 3 hours – as part of this process it gets the latest build and a clean database. Use admin as username and password for Administrator account. Use 123456 as password for all other accounts.




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