The highest level

of process organization

The highest level of process organization
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In the ever-expanding landscape of businesses, integrating ERP/CRM systems into core processes is not just a progression; it’s a necessity. As your customer base diversifies and your services multiply, a seamlessly integrated customer relationship management system becomes indispensable. The typical functions of such a system include maintaining a comprehensive database of clients and business processes, as well as facilitating communication through various and ever increasing channels.

Adaptability and openness are at the heart of what we offer. The system offers remarkable flexibility and adaptability, crucial qualities for solutions of this nature, thanks to its fully documented functionality, database structure, open API, and the ability to use JEXL and Java extensions. Moreover, the open-source code and development process ensure that Clients have complete control over the product, giving them the confidence they need.

What sets us apart is our exceptional team. Rooted in the demanding telecom industry, our experts bring a wealth of experience in creating and supporting ISP billing systems handling multi-Terabyte traffic-rate calculations, handling hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections, and managing numerous network devices. Many of us have furthered our expertise by working for industry giants like Amazon, SAP, Cisco, Booking, Uber, and various other renowned companies. Our Consultants are exceptionally motivated, and this enthusiasm is fostered by our system of distributed subscriptions, which keeps them engaged and driven to excel.

Our BGERP product represents a convergence of the world's best practices, empowering you to centralize all business process flows into a single hub and elevate the processing of business operations to a new level of quality. You will enjoy a superior level of customer service while reducing costs thanks to an extremely efficient accounting and automation.

  • Pay only for the plugins you use and only when you need them
  • No huge initial purchase fees
  • No new "forced" paid versions
Client Controls the Environment
  • Run it on-premises on your own hardware or in the cloud
  • You select plugins included in the subscription
  • Client chooses timing of updates and maintenance works
  • Source Code Access: program behavior can be studied through source code auditing
  • One dedicated Consultant for all questions Client may have
  • Each plug-in has its own owner, who provides its maintenance and development
  • Product release and change policy which minimizes Client's risks
  • Predictable Development, Testing, and Release Model
  • A revolutionary customization engine
  • Clone the program to develop your own fork
  • Extremely straightforward distribution of rewards and responsibilities
  • Our guarantees are founded on the reputation and authority of designated individuals
  • The open-source approach prevents anyone from gaining control over the product
  • No intermediaries or commissions involved between Client and Creator
The Team
  • Experience sharing and peer learning
  • No formal hierarchy
  • Helping and mentoring
  • Combining competencies for complex projects
  • We offer an efficient promotion and international sales mechanism
  • Our system operates without any geographic or state references
  • We embrace a decentralized approach, moving away from archaic corporate structures