Default single editor for listcount params

Set property multiple=1 in configuration of existing listcount parameters with multiple values.
listcount editor single

Redesign of Linked Processes Tab

Removed process type configuration options: '', '' and ''. IMPORTANT: Removed 'allowProcessLinkDelete' permission option, for enabling process link deletion there is a separated action in tree available.
  • Pagination for parent relations.

  • Adding relation to parent processes.

  • Configurable available processes for added links.

Syntax Highlighting Config Editors

Introduced for the rest of existing editors.

img permission sets
img groups of users
img users

User Profile Reset Personalizations

profile own personalization

Plugin Callboard

Show groups and users when setting slot in process.

process set time

Plugin Report

Compact Pie chart with more colors



pie old

Compact X-legend for Bar chart



bar old