The plugin provides the following functionality:

  • creation process-related invoices with automatically generated number;

  • generation printing form out of them;

  • providing printing form documents to be attached and sent in process message like E-Mail.

You can see the plugin enabled and sample configurations in Demo System.


Process Type

The plugin assigns month-based invoices to processes, in type configuration of those have to be enabled Invoices tab.


In the type configuration should be also defined two parameters, use their IDs in <paramCostId> and <paramContractDateId>

type properties

Detailed explanation of configuration properties is given below.


Make sure the plugin is enabled in configuration.


Invoice positions contain amount information, any possible positions is defined in configuration.



  • <posId> - unique lowercase string for position’s identification

  • <posTitle> -title.

Invoice Type

Invoice are divided to types, each of those is defined in configuration as:

# or directly a template JSP path
  • <id> - unique type numeric ID, must not be changed after beginning of using it;

  • <title> - type title;

  • <template> - template name, supported values: eu_en, ru_ru;

  • <templatePath> - alternatively to template name, may be defined a direct path to a JSP template, must be placed in custom area, for example: /WEB-INF/jspf/user/plugin/invoice/doc/my_my.jsp;

  • <customerId> - customer ID, which parameters are used for generation of printing forms.

customer ru


Each invoice gets an unique number when generated, that can be configured:

  • <numberClass> - Java class implementing org.bgerp.plugin.bil.invoice.num.NumberProvider, org.bgerp.plugin.bil.invoice.num.PatternBasedNumberProvider does pattern-based numeration.

  • <patternNumber> - numeration pattern for PatternBasedNumberProvider, supports the following macros:

    • (${process_id:000000}) - process ID zero-padded from left for a needed length, this case to 6 digits;

    • (${date_from:yyyyMM}) - first date of the invoice month formatted using date format.

    • (${number_in_month_for_process:00}) - sequential invoice number for a given process, also zero-padded from left.


For adding positions to a generated invoice are charged position providers.



On the screen below is shown process card with activated plugin.

process invoice table

Clicking on the invoice’s number opens generated HTML printing form.

process invoice form

To generate a new invoice, press Add button, select required month and invoice type.

process invoice create 1

After correct generated positions list and create. The positions list may be edited after creation using popup menu.

process invoice popup menu

The menu provides also items to mark invoices paid / unpaid or delete them.

HTML printing forms of invoices are offered to be attached to messages.

process invoice attachment